When Is It A Good Idea For Dentures?

When Is It A Good Idea For Dentures?

Our smiles are the gateway to so much in life. It’s the first thing people see when they meet us. Our smile sets the tone for how we’re approached.

Your smile may mean and say a lot more to people about you than you think. So, it’s important to ensure your smile is always on point, which explains why dentures are such a hot commodity.

As we get older, we don’t want to lose those important first impressions to lost teeth, face sags, and other issues that affect how we present ourselves, so we tend to think more about the role dentures play in our lives.

Whether you’re contemplating dentures for yourself or someone close to you, this article will help answer some commonly asked questions about dentures.

Why Use Dentures

Regular visits to the dentist have proven that our teeth are not guaranteed to last forever. We can lose teeth, they can decay, and without our healthiest teeth, it can be difficult to eat certain foods. When our teeth are at their worst, they can cause serious pain or cause oral health issues. Our teeth help to form our face structure and without them all in place, our face can sag causing us to look older.

Dentures are great substitutes for your initial teeth that are no longer in place. Dentures are artificial teeth and gums created specifically for your mouth by your dentist. That means they’re custom-formed so that they place easily and fit nicely into your mouth and should look like your own teeth.

Dentures can replace all of your teeth or a subset of teeth. They can improve your appearance when teeth are missing and help keep the structure of your mouth in place by supporting other parts of the mouth.

Dentures make it possible to eat foods that otherwise, would be impossible or hard to eat without the appropriate teeth to bite down on.

What Are Dentures Made Of?

Dentures have come a long way over the years. What used to be porcelain or plastic, is now more of a hard resin and is more fragile than natural teeth. That means they can wear down quicker and can easily chip or crack without proper care. Because of this they generally need replacing after about five years.

Types of Dentures

Dentures can be custom-made to replace a portion of your teeth or all of your teeth, so there is more than one type.

  • Partial Dentures – Partial dentures are used to replace one or more teeth that are missing, but not all of your teeth. They are made to fit the gumline and are fastened to surrounding teeth to help keep them in place. They can be easily removed to be cleaned or taken out before going to bed.
  • Full Dentures – Full dentures are complete dentures that replace all of your natural teeth. They are easily removed as partial dentures but are held in place by an oral adhesive or suction.
  • Immediate Dentures – Immediate dentures are placed in your mouth until permanent dentures have been made. Immediate dentures are placed after extraction and during your healing process, so you won’t be without teeth. After the healing process, the immediate dentures are disposed of and replaced with permanent dentures.
  • Overdenture – Permanent dentures can be uncomfortable for some people. Overdentures are fitted over the roots of natural teeth (if some remain) or on dental implants. This serves the same function as permanent dentures and preserves the remaining teeth.

How To Care for Dentures

Just as it’s important to take care of your natural teeth, you also have to care for your dentures. Dentures should be cleaned daily by running water over them and removing food particles that may be stuck in between teeth. Use a soft toothbrush to gently brush over the dentures with a denture cleaner. Continue to care for any remaining natural teeth and your gums regularly as you should.

How Much Do Dentures Cost?

No one price is available for the cost of dentures. The cost of dentures varies depending on your particular needs, the fees the dental practice charges, and other determining factors, like location, the complexity of the treatment, and how long it will take.

Talk with your dentist to know how much your dentures will cost.



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